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Hi, I'm Helen. 


I am deeply passionate about serving the world, by supporting women of heart to transform pain, and suffering, into freedom, peace, love and purpose.


Most of the women whom I have the privilege to work with begin from a place of feeling anxious, unworthy of love, and weighed down by an armour of protection. They are usually somewhere around the midpoint of their life and committed to finding their way to truly shine in the world, as the beautiful wondrous women that they are.


We journey together weaving creativity, nature, meditation, structured exercises, the sacred, ceremony, healing, psychotherapy, and forgiveness together with a good dose of gentleness, humour and self-compassion.


The benefits of undertaking this sacred personal journey of transformation are improved health, improved relationships, and the ability to truly be of service in the world at a whole new level.

There are different ways to work with me. 


Creative Psychotherapy


You can join me for some Creative Psychotherapy sessions. It is recommended to have a minimum of seven sessions to allow for the therapeutic relationship and process to unfold, and for you to begin to see positive change. In these sessions, you come with what you would like to explore in the session. I will hold space for you, listen, witness, and use tools, techniques, and practical exercises drawn from my twenty years of qualified experience, to help you to process, gain awareness, transform and reach your desired outcomes.

 These Creative Psychotherapy sessions with Helen have been a fantastic help. I realise what has been getting me into a depressive and anxious state, and how to now help myself. The sessions have been very empowering, given me the insight I needed, and have helped me to listen to myself. I have found the strength and courage to express how I feel. These sessions with Helen have taught me so much about myself, and I feel like I’m growing again, and that my journey is just going to get better. ”  -- Sasha

Self-Compassion & Forgiveness Guided Programme


You can journey with me on your path to Freedom, Peace and Love through my unique Self-Compassion & Forgiveness Programme. This is a guided and structured path-full of wonder, discovery unfoldment, and practical exercises. 

Freedom: On your journey to Freedom, tread the path of self-compassion, and gently release the beliefs, emotions, and thoughts that have bound you to your suffering.

Peace: On your journey to Peace, enter into the river of life, and surrender to the natural flow. Embrace divine inspiration, and learn to trust the whisper of your intuition and joy.

Love: On your journey to Love, open your heart, and radiate the beauty and magnificence of who you are, in your relationships, and creative expression in the world.


“ The Self-Compassion & Forgiveness Programme has genuinely been a life-changing experience. Having tried many talking therapies, none have freed me up to this extent. This programme has shown me that I’m lovable and worthy and has left me with tools to live a life with an open heart. Helen held the space beautifully. She’s so relatable, non-judgmental, funny, wise – genuinely the perfect guide. I truly cannot recommend the programme enough.”  -- Rebecca


For more info on Reiki, please click here


Or you can come and join me, and your female tribe for the day, at my regular workshops and events. Details of all events can be found on my website:




Sessions begin from £50 for 75mins and vary depending on the service type and duration.


Contact & Further Information

Whatever path that may be calling to you, you can find out more information on my website: -- 
You will also find information on how to book.
Alternatively feel free to call me on 07768968189 or email me


Areas Of Specialism

Mid-life awakening

Conflict resolution

Inner Peace

Self-compassion & Forgiveness



Life Transitions

Shame & self-worth

Re-connecting with spirit



Life Purpose




You are in safe hands. I am a:

  • Qualified Creative Psychotherapist

  • Qualified Reiki Practitioner

  • Qualified Forgiveness Guide

  • Qualified Life Coach

  • Qualified Executive Coach

  • Qualified Conflict Coach

  • Qualified NLP Practitioner

  • I hold a Masters Degree in Conflict Resolution and a Degree in law

  • I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council

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