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  • Where is the therapy centre?
    We are situated in the heart of Redruth, next to Leatside Health Centre (previously Manor Surgery): Cornish Therapy Centre Forth Noweth Redruth TR15 1AU Click here to see us on the map
  • Do you have parking?
    Yes! We have a few spaces availale either side of the therapy centre and a couple on the road, however these may not always be available depending on how busy we are on the day. If you cannot find a car space then there is a car park only 1-2 minutes walk away. Prices may change but as of March 2020 it is £1.40 for 1-2 hours. Click Here for directions to New Cut Car Park in Redruth.
  • Are you disability friendly?
    We are partially disability friendly. We have parking next to the centre, although there isn't a disabled bay, so we cannot guarantee the space closest to the building. We are next to a quiet road with yellow lines, so if you have your disabled badge there shouldn't be an issue. There is a ramp going into the building for easy access, with plenty of space in reception. The toilet is not disabled friendly, in terms of getting a wheelchair inside with you. However, depending on your circumstances some people have found it suitable. We ask that you let your therapist know on booking about any disbailty - this will help them to set the room up accordingly to ensure easy access and comfort.
  • When are you open?
    We are mostly open by appointment, due to not always having someone behind the desk. If you are passing by however, you are more than welcome to pop in and take a card/leaflet. But please do not expect someone to be able to answer questions for you, without prior arrangement. If this is needed, please head to our contact page. Our therapists work a range of hours, anytime from 8am till 9pm usually. If you would like an early or late appointment, feel free to ask your chosen therapist, as they may be able to offer this. We have camera's for security, so we please ask you not to take any magazines/books etc as we will have footage of this.
  • I'm not sure what treatment would be right for me, can you help?
    There are many different forms of complementary and alternative therapies today, that it can be overwhelming. We suggest you go to our menu tab and click 'therapies'. Here we have tried to summarise each therapy for you, so you can get a glimpse of what would be suitable. You can contact each therapist and they will happily have a chat with you, explaining if their therapy would be beneficial. Alternatively you are welcome to send us an email - try to give as much detail on your situation, maybe even past therapies that you have tried and we will suggest a therapy that we believe to be most suited to your needs.
  • How do I make a booking?
    To book an appointment with one of our therapists, you will need to get in contact with them directly. A full list of our therapists can be found on our 'homepage', click on your chosen therapist for more details on who they are, how they work and how to get in contact with them. Most therapists have a contact number, email and website, so you can pick your preferred style of communication. Unsure who you want to see? No worries, click the menu bar and select 'therapies', from here you can browse the majority of the therapies available at the Cornish Therapy Centre. Click the therapy you are most interested in and it will direct you to our therapists that offer that service. If you've read through our list of therapies, but can't work out what is best for you, then get in contact. It's best to send us an email, or message on fb, as we can get back to you quicker this way.
  • What type of payment do you accept?
    Each therapist has a different preferred payment method, varying between card, cash, cheque and online bank trasnfer. If your therapist has not already specified the payment option, then we suggest you double check beforehand as the nearest cash machine is in the centre of the town, about a 2-3 minutes walk.
  • I have a health condition / I am currently pregnant, can I have treatments?
    This will depend on the type of therapy you are seeking. Generally speaking, health conditions and preganancy will not effect talking therapies, but your therapist will let you know if this isn't the case. For any hands on treatments, please let the therapist know in full about your health. Your treatment may still be able to go ahead, but this will allow them to adjust your treatment accordingly or seek advice from a GP if necessary. If you are pregnant and in your first trimester, you will not be allowed to have any hands on treatment other than facials. The therapy may not do any harm, but to play on the safe side, we ask you to wait until your second trimester.
  • I can no longer make my appointment, what should I do?
    Most therspists at the Cornish Therapy Centre, Redruth have a 24 hour cancellation fee. This varies for each therapist, so please clarify with the person you have booked in with. We understand that life can be complicated but ask that you try to give as much notice as possible, so that our therapists have enough time to re-book another client or rearrange their day.
  • Do you have rooms available to hire?
    Yes we do! We have a range of therapy rooms, some which can be adapted for most therapies and others that are best for either talking therapies or body workers. We have competitve rates available either by adhoc or a daily rate, with lots of offers when you increase your hours with us. You can take a look at the room hire page on our site for pictures of most of our rooms, but we think you'd get a much better feel if you came to the centre for a personal tour. A tour and more detailed explanation on how we run the centre can be arranged, please send us an email. If you can not get through by phone straight away, then leave a message to ensure you get a reply.
  • Do you offer gift vouchers?
    A few of our therapists can offer gift vouchers, these can be sent to your house or collected if prior arranged. If you have a particular therapy that you are most interested in, then please get in contact with your chosen therapist directly. But first check out which vouchers we have ready to purchase direct from the website - Click here. Please bare in mind, some of our therapists only work a couple days a week at our therapy centre in Redruth.


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