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My name is Faye, I am a calm and compassionate person, and I am also a Shaman, a doula and a mother. My childhood and young adult life were shaped by the arrival of my seven younger siblings. At twenty-two, I attended my youngest brother's birth, which inspired my later wish to work with people perinatally.

Since my late teens, I have been training in holistic therapies, beginning with a three-year education in Traditional Chinese Medicine at the Shambhala Institute Vienna. During that training, I learned that our body, mind and soul are intrinsically interwoven and that true healing could only be achieved by an all-encompassing view of the individual.


That insight led me to Shamanic healing. I met the Mexican Shaman Agustin Delgado Orea when I was twenty-one. The retreats and courses with him enabled me to find new ways of understanding life and see the bigger picture. Five years later, I enrolled in a 3-year course of Shamanic Healing at the White Sage School in Germany. Those years became a deep healing journey for myself whilst providing me with powerful, transformative tools to support others. I now work in the tradition of the Queros from the Peruvian Andes. The knowledge that we are forever connected with the universe and each other carries my work and is the true origin of healing.


Parallel with learning at the White Sage School, I met Sita Kleinert in Switzerland. Sita runs a healing centre on the shore of Lake Constance, and a spiritual approach to pregnancy and birth is at the core of her teachings. After accomplishing my training with her, I combined Shamanic work with spiritual attendance in pregnancy and childbirth. From then on, there was no longer a conflict between who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do.


Ever since, I have kept learning, evolving and restructuring. I love the idea of everyone holding a spark, an inner fire, the light of our soul. Very often, however, this inner light is dulled and dimmed by life's constrictions, and we find ourselves trapped in circumstances. In my work as a Shaman, I help people to free themselves from worn-out behavioural patterns, remove karmic restrictions and retrieve that inner spark.


A Shamanic Healing session takes between 1.5 and 2 hours. It consists of a pre-talk, deep energy work and an after-talk. Before an appointment, we arrange for a first-contact phone call (free of charge) where I explain my work and answer your questions regarding a possible healing session.


I look forward to working with you. Each step you take closer to your healing is as much a step for me as the Shaman. Healing work is forever multi-layered and enriches the healer and their client through the many gifts it uncovers.

In loving gratitude,





Shamanic Healing session: £85 (children £55)


For other Shamanic offers, please refer to my website:


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 I first met Faye in September 2022 online for my first healing treatment with her. Faye is very knowledgeable within her therapy services. I found my first session was very powerful and Faye has a profound knowing of individuals and blockages, and is intuitive to the needs of her clients. Faye is a very warm and compassionate human being. I would highly recommend Faye and her well-being practices.  -- Rachel Perris

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