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Vanessa Trelease
Beauty & Holistic

I've been a dedicated holistic and beauty therapist for over 15 years. I have many years working in the spa industries. My first spa was on board a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, my love and passion for holistic therapies grew whilst i was busy touring Los Angeles, San Diego, Catalina Island and Mexico.


As a passionate Holistic Therapist, I enjoy being able to deliver high quality spa inspired treatments to my clients in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. 

Join me today for a memorable journey of true relaxation and wellbeing.

Treatments Available


EXPRESS 30mins | £30
Give your skin a boost of vitamins rich ingredients to help recharge and visibly brightening your complexion. 

OCHA 60mins | £50
Anti-oxidant Japanese tea and soothing lavender extract organic facial rejuvenates and quenches dehydrated thirsty skin. Perfect for normal to dry and dehydrated skin.

LEMONGRASS and MANDARIN 60mins | £50
Antiseptic lemongrass and restorative mandarin facial for oily and combination skins to help balance oil production, tackle blemishes for a fresh clearer skin.


ULTRA-CALMING 60mins | £50
Deeply soothing and calming facial for highly sensitive skin, packed with anti-oxidant to revitalise and repair the skin.

REJUVENATE 75mins | £60
Reduce signs of ageing, wrinkles and sun damage with this super-charged rejuvenating facial. Packed full of beautiful blends of organic products to help combat the effects of free radical and ageing. Your skin will look and feel visibly smoothed and youthful.



INDIAN HEAD 30/60mins | £30/£50
An Indian head massage works with the Ayurvedic concept which goes beyond the limits of healing and places emphasis on balance. Especially good for relieving stress, tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, migraine and sinusitis.

BACK FACE AND SCALP   90mins | £70
Deeply relaxing back neck and shoulder massage followed by a soothing and revitalising facial to relax and promote a healthy glowing complexion.

BACK RITUAL 60mins | £50
A smoothing and detoxifying full back exfoliation using luxurious organic sugar, salt or crushed rosehip kernel scrub followed by relaxing, hot towels and a deep and powerful back massage. Perfect for easing away tension, leaving your skin feeling renewed and your body invigorate.


Foot Ritual 10/30mins | £10/£30
Holistic Foot Massage 30mins | £30
Holistic Hand Massage 30mins | £30
Holistic Facial Massage 30mins | £30


1/2 Leg | £20
Full Leg | £28

Bikini | £15
Lip | £8

Chin | £8
Lip and Chin | £14
Underarms | £12
Chest or Back | £20


Eyelash Tint £12

Eyebrow Tint £10

Eyelash and Brow Tint £20

Eyebrows wax and shape | £10 


* a patch test is required for tinting at least 24 hours to prior treatment *


BACK, NECK, SHOULDER 30/45mins | £30/£40
A choice between Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue or Swedish massage to ease away buildup tension and promote relaxation. 

AROMATHERAPY 60/90mins | £50/£65
Designed using the power of essential oils to help revitalise, rebalance and to ease away tension and relieve stress to promote a better state of wellbeing.

DEEP TISSUE 60/90mins | £50/£65
Focuses on the deeper layer of muscle tissue by using deeper pressure to release chronic muscle tension

SWEDISH 60/90mins | £50/£65
Special techniques use during this treatment will help target superficial muscle by increasing blood circulation to reduce pain, stress and stiffness. 

PREGNANCY 60/90mins | £50/£70
A relaxing and rejuvenating treatment with a focus on healing and body restoration. Pregnancy massage provides a period of deep rest, helps to ease out those aches and pains and offers a chance for the expectant mummy to integrate the inevitable physical and emotional changes that take place as baby develops. 

HOT STONE 30/45/90mins | £35/£45/£70
Heated basalt stones use to relax away muscle tension and strains. Stimulate energy flow while soothing body and mind with this heavenly massage using the warmth of the heated stones to ease every tension.


30/45/90mins | £40/£50/£75
La Stone is nurturing, healing and invigorating to the body, mind and spirit. Combines massage with the use of smooth hot basalt lava stones and chilled marble stones. The hot and cold stones encourage blood flow through the muscle tissues which flushes toxins and triggers the body’s self healing mechanisms.




Enjoy a superb manicure and pedicure but also take comfort in knowing that only natural and organic ingredients will be going onto your skin. Relax and indulge in gorgeous aromas with signature touches which result in deeply nourishing hands and feet. Complete the journey with a polish of your choice.

EXPRESS MANICURE | 30mins | £30

FILE and PAINT | £15
* £7 extra to add GelColor

OPI GEL MANICURE 45mins | £45
Glossy hard wearing gel polish manicure to give you up to 2 weeks of flawless nails. includes file, cuticle tidy, exfoliation. After doing all of your manicure prep and making the nails and cuticles look fresh and lovely, the GelColor is applied in a thin layer and then cured between each coat under a special OPI LED lamp. 



Please get in contact directly to book an appointment. Spaces very limited over school holiday periods. Usual working hours Tuesday - Saturday.


Please get in contact directly to book an appointment.
Spaces very limited over school holiday periods.
Usual working hours Tuesday - Saturday.

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