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what are complementary and alternative therapies?

There is wide a variety of therapies today, that it can be overwhelming. Here's a little run down on some of the therapies we have available at the Cornish Therapy Centre, Redruth

To put it simply, complementary and alternative therapies are health practices and products that are not part of standard western medicine. Complementary treatments are used alongside western medicine, a common example would be Acupuncture that eases symptoms for cancer patients. Alternative treatments are used in replacement of western medical care, for example if someone chose not to use western medicine and instead opted for nutrition to manage their condition.

These therapies and products are holistic, focusing on the person as a whole instead of trying to suppress a symptom. This can include working out the root cause of the condition and going from there. The main therapies we have at Cornish Therapy Centre are Acupuncture, AromatherapyMassage, Osteopathy and Reflexology.

Unfortunately, the research on these therapies is mixed, with limiting funding on new studies. Some have shown to be very effective and others not as much. So we recommend that you research your chosen therapist, find out what training they have done, if they have insurance or are part of an association. Ideally your therapist should ask you detailed medical history, to make sure there are no contraindications to your treatment. Often this can then be adapted to suit your needs or they may ask you for a referral from your GP just to be sure.

You can browse our available therapies, with further details on each. If you're still not sure then get in contact!


Please contact therapists individually to book appointments or for guidance on what would be the best route for you, please contact us directly:

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