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Cornish Therapy Centre Therapist - Cornwall

Danielle Lamb




Foot & Facial Reflexology

Hi, I’m Danielle, your local (Redruth) Reflexologist. I work with women to help create inner balance, calm and to relieve the stresses of every day life. My aim is to help you feel your absolute best so that you can enjoy all life has to offer. 


A little about me & Reflexology…


I trained as a Reflexologist 12 years ago and have enjoyed providing this incredible therapy ever since. I work with a gentle & intuitive touch and really take time to get to know my clients. I have taken several professional development courses, my most recent being Facial Reflexology. 


If you aren’t sure what Reflexology is, you are in for a treat. It’s a non invasive holistic therapy and works on the principle that the body is mapped onto the feet (as well as many other areas of the body). Through accessing Reflex points on your feet, a Reflexologist can help your body to heal itself where it has become out of alignment either physically, mentally, energetically. In a sense it sets the body back into a state of balance so the body can heal itself. (The body really is very clever!) The treatment is gentle, highly relaxing and clients often report feeling a sense of calm and clarity afterwards. Like a weight has been lifted! 


This Treatment is particularly effective at relieving stress as Reflexology activates the relaxation response (and the body cannot be in a state of calm and stress at the same time).  

I look forward to welcoming you into my tranquil room at The Cornish Therapy Centre (Redruth) - or alternatively at your home by arrangement.


Danielle x





Foot Reflexology 60mins - £50

Face & Feet Reflexology 90mins - £75



Call: 07799841289  

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