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I’m a warm and compassionate psychotherapist with a down to earth and reflective style. I use a variety of approaches, tailored to suit each unique client. You are welcome just as you are. 

I have found that it is often easier to journey the ups and downs of life with others and to have support to make sense of things. I believe in the good it can do simply to be heard and acknowledged. It can be useful to have space to explore the complexities that come up from difficult experiences and in the different seasons of life. I offer a relaxed, open-minded space for clients who wish to examine their challenges and inner world at their own pace. I believe this facilitates healing, growth, and self-discovery. As we understand and accept ourselves it can lead towards freedom and flourishing in life. 

The strength and fragility found in humanity astounds and inspires me. I am struck by our capacity both to harm and heal, to hurt yet hope. We have a propensity towards growth and a potential for connection. There is mystery here, and I am ever curious, but relationships are key. How we have been treated and how we treat others really matters. Relationships, so often at the root of issues, can also be restorative and the conduit for change. 

I have experience working with complex issues such as trauma and abuse as well as general wellbeing and relational difficulties. I have a BSc Degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling and am mid-way through a master’s in psychology. I became a therapist after spending a decade supporting vulnerable families through various struggles including substance misuse, domestic abuse, and relationship difficulties. 

I also see clients with a charity called CLEAR ( supporting people who have experienced sexual abuse. My professional interests include social justice, neuroscience, attachment and trauma. I live in Cornwall and enjoy reading, puzzles and long walks with my dog. 


Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday - early mornings and evenings considered

Initial Session: £20, 45 minutes to consider if/how we might work together 

Further sessions: £50, 60 minutes

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