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Cornish Therapy Centre Therapist - Cornwall

Lucy Harris

Nutritional Therapist


Hello I’m Lucy, a British Association of Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine (BANT) registered nutritional therapist and certified health coach. I help clients optimise their health and start living their best life.


Would you like to wake up every day feeling energised and in control of your health?

Whether you're tired all the time, fed up of symptoms ruling your day, experience never-ending gastrointestinal issues or you’re simply stuck in an unhealthy rut, I have the right programme for you.

Using the Lucy Loves Nutrition (LLN) method, we’ll work together to achieve your unique health goals. This evidence-based, personalised nutrition and lifestyle approach will empower you to make sustainable diet and lifestyle changes that are long lasting and leave you feeling fantastic.

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My journey into nutritional therapy...

Following a personal journey with chronic digestion issues and hormonal imbalances, I've been where many of you are, feeling frustrated, exhausted and like every day is a struggle. I then discovered nutritional therapy and started investigating the true cause of my health issues and discovered how my symptoms were connected to more than just food. I am therefore passionate about all things 'gut health' and truly believe no one should put up with digestion-related symptoms, which are frightfully common but by no means normal. I'm a big advocate of real food as well as spending time in nature and its remarkable health benefits.

1:1 personalised programmes

  • Healthy Habits - perfect for those with no major health concerns looking to feel energised, clear headed and calm so they can focus on the things that matter. A bit like a health ‘MOT’. We’ll work together, using a nutrition health coaching approach, to help you unlock your true potential for optimum health.

  • Re-balance – ideal for individuals with a chronic condition or more complex goals looking to transform their health. We'll work together, using a functional medicine approach, to identify and tackle any underlying imbalances that may be contributing towards your specific health concerns and incorporate evidence-based research to build a personalised health optimisation plan considering nutrition, lifestyle and often environmental factors.

  • Gut Explorer - designed for anyone looking for a comprehensive analysis of their gastrointestinal health with a detailed test interpretation consultation. We’ll use the GI EcologiX gut health and microbiome test, which uses DNA technology to provide a comprehensive analysis of your unique gut ecosystem. Testing instead of guessing helps you get to the root cause(s) of your health concerns, allowing the creation of targeted personalised plans for faster results.




Schedule a free 20 minute discovery call to establish whether we’re a good fit and talk through your health concerns OR book a free no obligation 30 minute health coaching session where we'll explore what your health means to you, your health priorities and set an actionable health goal (or two). Book your free chat now to get started.


Price list


Healthy Habits - 5 sessions are priced at £250 with a recommendation to book at 2 to 3 week intervals and an option to add additional sessions at the end of the programme.

Re-balance – In my experience 'one off' consultations aren't effective, especially with conditions that haven't developed over night, as they don't provide sufficient time to really address the root cause of your issues, ‘re-balance’ and implement lasting changes. I therefore offer bespoke programmes dependent on the level of support you would like and need. Prices start from £360 for a 3-consult programme.

Gut Explorer - The test is £322.15 (including my practitioner discount and can be paid in 3 instalments) and the test interpretation consultation is £120. This covers an overview of the test and findings, including the relation to your symptoms.


Please note there is an option to pay in instalments so contact me to discuss a payment option to suit you.

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