Cornish Therapy Centre Therapist - Cornwall

Womb Massage & Trauma Healing for women

About Isla- Rose

Isla-Rose works deeply with the medicine of Ceremonial Cacao and Shamanic Soul Retrieval, to help women who have experienced trauma, emotional wounding or abuse. She has worked as a therapist for 14 years and now specialises in women's reproductive, womb and menstrual health. Isla-Rose combines her physical knowledge of the body and trauma healing, with her deeply intuitive energy work to help bring her clients peace, connection and love for themselves and their bodies. Isla is passionate about providing safe, nurturing spaces for women to find thier authentic selves, and to begin to let go of the layers which hold them back from shining their truest light. Through Womb & Menstrual Massage, Shamanic Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Energy Healing and One-to-Once Cacao Ceremonies, Isla offers a deeply feminine container for you to begin or to continue your healing journey.


Isla can help with:

  • Childhood Trauma & Wounding

  • Repeating Patterns of Behaviour 

  • Relationship Break Ups

  • Inner Child Wounding

  • Emotional, Physical or Mental Abuse 

  • Sexual Trauma & Abuse

  • Rape

  • Miscarriages & Pregnancy Loss

  • Abortions

  • Birthing Trauma

  • Eating Disorders/Disordered Eating

  • Menstrual Health Issues - high level period pain, missing periods, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, stagnation, imbalanced hormones.

  • Pre-Conception Care - energetically clearing the womb and spiritual channel ready to receive a baby.




Initial Consultation and First Session - £75.00 for 120 mins (this includes a full consultation + treatment plan and a healing session - healing session will be dependent on what feels right for you that day)


Tailormade Healing Sessions - £50.00 per hour - I usually like to combine my tools to create a session that is tailormade to help you. I will usually combine: womb & menstrual massage, shamanic soul retrieval, shamanic energy work and cacao over a course of sessions. 


Alternatively, you can book any of these below:

  • Womb & Menstrual Massage - £65.00 for 90 - 120 mins

  • One-to-One Cacao Ceremony - £70.00 for 90 mins

  • Shamanic Soul Retrieval - £65.00 for 90 - 120 mins (Includes a 30 min Intention Setting Call)

  • Shamanic Energy Healing - £50.00 for 60 mins or £65.00 for 90 mins




To book your session, please visit my website and either call or email me on the details below:

07863 305961

Instagram: @wild_soul_healing

Facebook: @wildsoulhealingfalmouth


Shamanic Soul Retrieval & Soul Receival - Bay Deane - Cacaoista, Shamanic Practitioner & Psychotherapist - June 2020


Ceremonial Cacao Training - Cacao Love 

April 2020

Vaginal Steam Facilitator - Steamy Chick 

March 2020

Womb, Menstrual and Fertility Massage Therapist - Clare Blake Fertility Massage - 2019​​

2 year Shamanic Apprenticeship - Shamanic Planet 2012​

FdSc Complementary Medicine 

Advanced Level 4 Clinical Aromatherapy

Advanced Level 4 Clinical Reflexology 

Advanced Level 4 Deep Tissue Massage

Certificate in Non-Medical Nutritional Advice


Level 3 ITEC Diploma Aromatherapy, Holistic Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology.


Level 3 VTCT Diploma Indian Head Massage


First and Second Degree Reiki Practitioner