Transformational Healing - Hypnotherapy

Transformational Healing : All-in-one session that includes emotional process, hypnotherapy and healing. This session can last for up to 2 hours. This is provided at the Cornish Therapy Centre, Redruth by our Hypnotherapist Kaya. 


What is hypnotherapy and emotional porcess:


Hypnotherapy is used to heal different types of phobias, change bad habits, boost self confidence and aid in the healing of past traumas and issues.

Hypnosis is a perfectly natural state of the mind; you are not asleep nor semi-conscious but aware of what is going on around you during the session. Hypnotherapy is known to give results when an individual wants to see real change in his or her life.

If you want to rid yourself of habits such as smoking, overeating or drinking, overcome fears or tensions, or you wish to become a more healthy and relaxed individual, then hypnotherapy could be right for you.


Emotional process before the hypnotherapy can help to release the emotion first, allowing the treatment to work much deeper.

Kaya teaches techniques for active and meditative release of emotions. In the session you will have the opportunity to bring yourself to a better connection with yourself and your feelings. Your understanding of emotions deepens once you learn to face them and overcome them. The goal is to be in control of yourself and your life instead of having difficult emotions control you. But you can’t be in control if you ignore and suppress what you feel. Through confronting it and accepting it you get power over it.


Transformational Healing - Hypnotherapy

  • There is no refund or money exchange available on the gift vouchers. 

    Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the purchase date and only valid at the Cornish Therapy Centre, Redruth.

    If you would like to upgrade your voucher to a different treatment with the same therapist, please let them know on booking.

    A 24 hour minimum cancellation policy is in place. If the reciepient does not show up for the their booked treatment, or cancels within the minimum time limit they will be charged a full fee.