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Who I Am

I am a person-centred therapist but beyond that and more importantly I’m empathetic, Kind, Compassionate, Non-Judgemental and of course a great listener. I will sit beside you in your pain, anxiety, sadness, and darkest hour. We will explore together whatever you wish to explore, and I will be your champion. I hope to be the person you have always needed. I truly care and I am passionate about my work.

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My Background

Before training to be a counsellor I spent many years working within the care system firstly with parents and their children, then as a foster carer before moving on to accommodate teenagers leaving the care system.

I have always been drawn to work in a job where I can make a real difference and it was in my role as a foster carer that inspired me to become a counsellor. I had a sibling group in my care who had experienced a lot of trauma in their life and were receiving no therapeutic interventions, I felt it was a grave injustice and something that would have hugely benefited them so I decided to train to become the person that they needed.

Two years ago, I started a Facebook group called ‘Empowered women of Cornwall’, the group has over 5200 members and has been featured twice on BBC Radio Cornwall and Cornwall live. I set it up as a place for isolated women in Cornwall to make friends and offer and be offered support. I was honoured this year to be included in Cornwall lives list of Women making a difference in Cornwall.


My Experience

As well as my many years of working within the care system I have also attended numerous training courses to expand my knowledge. I have attended intensive courses on Sexual abuse and Rape, addiction, Self-Harm, anxiety and depression, Attachment disorder and childhood bereavement. I am currently midway through an 18-month course working with children and young people who have experienced trauma. I also work 1-1 and, in a group setting with autistic children and young people through play and art and I have worked within a secondary school as a counsellor.

£50 for 1 hour session

£40 first session

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