Intolerance and deficiency testing

Cornish Therapy Centre Therapist - Cornwall


Discover your body's intolerances and deficiencies. Send Kaya your hair sample and you will be tested for 350 foods and 350 non-foods intolerances, as well as all essential vitamins and mineral deficiencies! You will then get a report of all E-substances, preservatives and other food additives that you might be intolerant to as well. If requested Kaya can help you with any changes needed in your diet.

You can also purchase an at home 'MediCheck' blood test kit, simply request this through Kaya.


Kaya also is able to offer discounts on organic supplements by The Naked Pharmacy. To purchase, either contact Kaya or go through the link.


If you wish to seek further advise on how to personally improve your diet, to enhance your mood, help manage a health condition or to loose weight, then you can book a personalised plan with Kaya



Please book directly with Kaya
 07498 527611